Saturday, November 26, 2011

The what nots!

Well ok I guess since we are on the move once again i might as well document what our family is up to in some form. And of course for all my fans out their.Yhelp we are off, Knoxville TN. When we moved to AZ from UT both our cars were blump full and the tops as well and a huge 10'by 30' and we still had to leave things behind. So with trip we both didn't want to spend $2,000 in just renting a U-haul. So the decision was made, to take the bare essentials. And considering the trip in it self was going to be pricey we had a yard sale to help with the cost. Which whoever didn't show up you missed out I had such great D.I finds, but on the accountable side, I didn't really advertise much, it all happened so fast. So we sold it all, kept clothes and beds some kitchen things and our washer and driver. No dressers, couches,and all my hears of decor hoarding, just sold or left. It kinda felt good to just start again. I didn't realize how much stuff just holds you back and that the item itself holds no value compared to the memory or the love of the person you got it from for the love and time i spent in painting a dresser and loving what it turned out like. Those memories and feelings will be with me forever with or without the things.

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