Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I Know I know I know, you all are sick of seeing my old post so boring by now. But things have been a little lazy and crazy in Utah. It has been snowing for the past week and getting ready to come to mesa for Christmas and on top of it not having internet, so not only am I trapped in my house from the snow I am also have no contact with the outside world through internet. Really what did people do back in the day write letters all day? Or maybe watch their children, honestly who does that anymore. But anyways we got our family pic's done and they turned out so cute (of course) and are now in AZ loving the snowless weather.
You know since my kids are so small we could get away with pretending that Christmas never came, but this year I told Tyler "I think this maybe the last year we can get away with not doing everything like get a tree or decorate (because we never have, we are always at families house for Christmas so really what’s the point) because I asked Paige what she wanted for Christmas and she said A Christmas TREE!" SAD!!!! So good bye easy Christmas’s.