Saturday, May 30, 2009

I guess

Well I guess I will do a new post...Ty is out of town and I don't have to clean my house until Monday when he gets back...I know you think I would want to keep it clean and all but for who I don't care if it gets crazy for a day or two ya know. Anyways a lot has happened well we have all had our Birthdays, we are all spring children and then our Annie is on June 11, so it is crazy but nice to get them all out of the way in just a few months. He have found a house!!!! You don't even understand my joy. I have been living in some "FUN" places since I have been married and I am ready for a fun one that fits us all and has a back yard!
Lets start my marriage life living story!

I didn't have a picture but this sums it up we lived in Thatcher AZ in a small trailer with green shag carpet and orange couches SO CUTE!

This is really the 3rd place Because we moved to grants NM before this, but this is our condo in Albuquerque we lived there for just about 8 months or so I think!

then off to Mississippi where we lived for about a year in that very motor home Ty is driving!!

Then back to grants where we stayed for a few months and lived in I think Kory's rental or Mom and dad cash's I don't remember.

I can't not find my Gallup Pitures but any we lived in Gallup for another little while, which was very different and interesting.

then here back in Thatcher where I loved this house. Not because I really liked it or anything and would want to build a house just like it, but for the fact that it was a house and I had room to breath and move and scream and stomp our feet.

Then to Provo UT. In this little apartment it wasn't bad it was furnished and a good transition place but only stayed there for 2 or 3 months

And Now here in Bluffdale UT. I really like it here it is nice I mean the area and where we live but my family is ready for space and a back yard. I hate always telling my kids don't run or jump or be too loud because the neighbors will hear you. So in two more months we are moving to our new house FINALLY!!

Just so you all know I have loved every place I have lived. Even though we didn't live in pretty homes or even pretty area's I have met so many good people that I still call friends. I am so glad that I have been able and brave enough to go and see new places. I have lives in Mesa AZ all my growing up life in the same house and everything, which I love and am glad that they still live there. Because I still feel like I am home every time I walk in the door. But I am glad also that I have gotten to see the other side too... of meeting new people seeing and living in to carzy places, I just wanted to share my living life with you all!!