Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy "BIG" Birthday!

So today is the day that we get to celebrate the birth of the best women ever (okay yesterday) MY MOM. She is so amazing and is the best mom and Nans ever, she really works at letting all of her kids know how much she loves them and loves her grand kids. She is so good at making holidays special for everyone and puts all her time and love into it. I love you mom you have taught me so much and you are everything I want to become. Thank you for the wonderful life you created for me. So remember you have people in Utah that love you so much and can't wait to see you.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

More Pic's of Mississippi!

This is a store that was across the street with some dang good food. Like fried chicken stick with pickles chicken potato's and all sort of weird stuff. And you know whats sad i remember talking to Tyler about the gas and wondering if was going to go down (it says 2.10).
I didn't really mean to put this picture on here but it is us walking to uncle Lynn's house after they moved.
Again I just really wanted to show how white trash we lived. This is the back yard and the funny thing is you couldn't see the other 2 trailers behind the house.
OK again I didn't mean to put this on here but this is actually a video of when our car died and the boys had to push it on to the trailer it was pretty funny the car almost fell off the side, I couldn't stop laughing.
This is what Tyler's job was he built these stairs and ramps to the trailers and it reminded me of all the stories of when they would have to disconnect a trailer they would have to cut the pluming off. And sometime there would still be crap in the pipes and it would come out when they cut it. They have some pretty funny stories that involve poop.
This is a year after the hurricane and it still looked like it just hit. Crazy how long it has been and how the place is still thrashed. Do you think it because it's such a poor state or something? I don't know but New Orleans is a pretty trashy place I could never live there, OK lets be honest with my track record of moving I may live there next year.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Speakin of Mississippi

We lived in the town of Purvis, doesn't that sound so gross.
She got so dirty crawling around in the motor home and you know when you thought your kids were so cute and you look back and was like wow she looks really homeless
This is at one of the jobs, they put this mobile home in and had to move so much junk to put it in
She learned to walk in the motor home
Home sweet Home. Don't laugh at the chairs that's how they do it down there all white trash like I had to fit in you know.

So I was thinking I really should journal about our life in Mississippi. We went there in April of 2006 for hurricane relief work with Tyler's uncle Lynn. Tyler had just quite his job and school and we were looking for something to fill our time. So we figured why not, just another adventure to add to the list of life. So we took Kendal’s 1970's motor home that only got like 4 miles to the gallon (no really that's all it got) and made our way there. The motor home was so old and it would back fire a lot and it was so funny driving down neighborhoods and everyone probably thought there was a shooting or something. It took us I think two and a half days to get there. So we get there and an hour latter Tyler goes to work and I was like what in the heck did I get myself into. I was all by myself all day until like 12 that night in a new state and Tyler’s aunt and cousins were out of town. I hated it. But as time went on we had so much fun there the branch was so cute and fun and living in a motor home with Paige, Tyler and I was interesting (she slept between the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat). I loved it, it was a great time. I will have to say that I am glad to be back in the west, the south is very pretty but there are so many trees and shrub that you can't see a long was and you couldn't see the sun rise or set really. But I will always love the memory of Mississippi and the friends that we still talk to from there. It was amazing to see what the hurricane did.