Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Nonsense

k so this pic of us camping was the next pic and i was just so shocked at how young mal and kars are....

well easter has come and gone but the snow has stayed.......I HATE IT! but things have been great paige lost a tooth, so of course she is soooo cool.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Marker D

Well as of right now i have a 4 yr old and two 2 yr olds. Mackers turned two on...welll that was hard to determine this year. I couldn't remember if he was born on the 25 of Jan. or the 26. So after thinking i forgot his birthday (which was OK because we were going to do the celebrating on Friday anyways) then i was informed my both mothers mine and ty's that it wasn't until the 26 so i still had a day to redeem myself as a mother. Well i think that is still up for debate. But we had ice cream cake and went to the movies with some friends of ours. We got him a scoot bike. It is a bike with no pedals so they scoot themselves along and get use the the balance of a bike then skip the whole training wheel stage. Well thats what is says it does but he does look so cute on his new little bike.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

well i really don't know what order these are in cause my computer is dumb, but anywho, things are slowing down a little which is nice. After going and going it feels. Well we went to the cabin with my folks for Thanksgiving, and grandpa and Leanna came along to the casino, and had thanksgiving the real way, with the Indians. Doesn't my dad look just like his that's my dad in 20+ years...hahahaaha so cute. It was so fun to hang with my family and do some black friday shopping....I forget how funny my sisters are, well and mom because she brings most of the comical material that we girls laugh at. Thanks mom your a trooper. Then came back home to utah then to NM for christmas. It was so fun, kinda quite without half of the fam, but fun, we missed ya Apps. Sadly to say i didn't take any pic's with my camera, so i will have to get copies from mama cash. It was fun staying at Todd and Kuli's, thanks you two for taking us in and destroying your house. Then back home for new years and lazyness, we played in the snow a bit, but only for a bit cause it only takes about 5 min. for all kids crying cause something on their body is cold. But Ty and I managed to make the cuttest snow man and woman ever...i think they turned out super cute. So now i am ready for the new year of getting in shape with the rest of the world and being a better mom. You know like making their lives memorable and fun. I will have to say my mom has always been good at that, making things so important for us, like birthdays and holidays and her own madeup traditions, and she still does. 09 was a year of change for me, this year i wanna make it a year of stabilities, like staying in our house and getting ready for school for Paige and maybe start doing things myself, like building a cliental with hair or teach dance in my home. Well i can't wait to see all of you this year and if i don't see ya maybe 2011 will be your year.