Thursday, November 6, 2008


So we are in the heat of Arizona and I love it. It was getting so cold in Utah I was hating it, but then again it was like up to 100 last week and I was really second guessing how much I thought I like AZ. But it has been a lot of fun being with my family, we got to have Halloween here and trick or treat with the cousins and the girls love having friend’s everyday even though Paige shows her love in really hidden ways sometimes. But I love it hanging out with my sisters is so fun we have the greatest time together and laugh a lot mostly at each other but it is all good fun. I got to ride down with aunt Kamron and Grams Cash they were so good with the kids and handling the crazy's that they are so a BIG THANKS to them for being the greatest family ever. Halloween was so fun Paige was of course was a princess and Piper was a Panda bear, and baby Mack was going to be a air force man but he was so sleepy I just put him to bed and we went trick or treating around the neighborhood and the girls loved it. But with all that said I am excited to go home too to see good ol' Tyler cause I know he is having too much fun with out us and not being nagged enough, we only have one more week here so we will live it up!