Saturday, March 6, 2010

Marker D

Well as of right now i have a 4 yr old and two 2 yr olds. Mackers turned two on...welll that was hard to determine this year. I couldn't remember if he was born on the 25 of Jan. or the 26. So after thinking i forgot his birthday (which was OK because we were going to do the celebrating on Friday anyways) then i was informed my both mothers mine and ty's that it wasn't until the 26 so i still had a day to redeem myself as a mother. Well i think that is still up for debate. But we had ice cream cake and went to the movies with some friends of ours. We got him a scoot bike. It is a bike with no pedals so they scoot themselves along and get use the the balance of a bike then skip the whole training wheel stage. Well thats what is says it does but he does look so cute on his new little bike.