Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Well I don’t know really what to post cause so much has been going on and at the same time nothing has really happened at our house. I guess that’s just how it is when you’re a mom and your doing the family thing. But we have been working on the house getting it to feel more like home, recovering furniture, painting walls, and fixing odds and ends. We have only been in this house for a few months and already Ty has had to take the two of the three toilets off and get whatever the crazy two-sum (Piper and Mack) can put down them. Like markers, toys, and whole toilet paper rolls. Those two make me crazy… I know what all of you are thinking, “Well lock the doors” (That’s what Ty tells me all the time). I am not an idiot (all of the time) I know that but they know how to unlock them with coins little toys and other random things. So needles to say I think we will have to get the little locks that go on up high.
We went camping with my fam then went to NM to do some work on mom and dad cash’s house then grandma meech and mom cash came to help with some projects it was so fun to have them here and for my projects to get done,, thanks ladies your amazing.
Halloween was fun it went fast but fun. We went to our trunk r treat for our ward on Friday then went trick r treating with some friends on Saturday. Paige was a flapper girl Piper was a giraffe and Mack was a lion. Now we can’t wait to go to mesa for thanksgiving it will be fun to see the fam and eat some yummy food. So it being thanksgiving and all I will give thanks to

.My family, I really couldn’t ask for a better family ty’s and mine.
.My body, cause it’s supper sassy…. know what I mean?
.For my home and cars
. Being able to have children
.Phones, so I can talk to my fam whenever I want.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

I Hope you are getting sick of This!!

Well I know that I have just been doing up dates on how my house is coming but really I feel like that's all I have been doing. OK well except for when Ty's whole family came so see us (well maybe Kendal too). I had so much fun hang in with my sis in laws. I really am glad that I have such fun sister in laws. Then I got to go to New Mexico for a week where Mom Cash helped me make curtains. I asked her if she hated it that i just use her for her sewing talents, I guess she doesn't hate it too bad because she still does it.
Well I got my room done (Almost just the curtain rod in the bay window). I love it, not too much and very simple which I like and Ty made that cute bed for me, what a great guy he is. HAHAHAHAHA...just a side note I can hear Ty asking the babies (Piper and Mack) "who dumped the water out of the bath?", I just love when he gets to handle the dumb little things, which I tell him I am going crazy and he just tells me "Ali it's not a big deal, it's just water, why get frustrated". It is just water, and it was just fruit loops all over the kitchen this morning, and it's just screaming and fighting and saying MOM every 2sec. of my life, but really I shouldn't get frustrated after all it is just things that can be cleaned or fixed. But come on remember when your mom would freak out and you look back and laugh at how they get mad or the dumb things they would say in anger, Like sometimes when I get mad I scream "HOLY G-STRING" why? you ask, I don't know things just come out of me when I lest expect it.
Paige's room was not too much work but I did just get done with her curtains to I guess it is complete as well.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

2 down 6 to go!

Well Mack's room is now (well almost) complete. There is just one thing I have to craft together then it will be all the way done, oh and nobs for his dresser. Again it turned out cute, like you were worried or anything. But I really don't have a whole lot to say just that for the not so talented sewer I am I think I did a pretty good job making his bed skirt, I cut it out of a sheet. I mean it does help a lot that you can't look at it very close but whatever. Now on to my room this one might take a little longer.

Friday, July 17, 2009


OK so we finally moved into our new house and it has been so great...I LOVE IT!!! It is so nice to let the kids play outside for hours with the water hose and then playing in there new playroom downstairs. I have had room to put all of our crazy things, that you don't through away but keep. I have only been here for almost 2 weeks now and I have already cut 7 heads of hair, so i think it is fair to say that the ward knows i do hair. I have been so busy painting cause there are some rooms that needed it fast. One room was this BRIGHT yellow base boars and all and the other this weird light green with sponged white over it so again I say they needed it fast. I think Piper's room turned out so cute, and everything was either given to us or purchased at D.I (A special thanks goes out to Emery for showing me the possibilities of the stores, it really has changed me life). But now I am working on Mack's room and then my room then so on you know one thing at a time. But I will keep you posted with it all.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I guess

Well I guess I will do a new post...Ty is out of town and I don't have to clean my house until Monday when he gets back...I know you think I would want to keep it clean and all but for who I don't care if it gets crazy for a day or two ya know. Anyways a lot has happened well we have all had our Birthdays, we are all spring children and then our Annie is on June 11, so it is crazy but nice to get them all out of the way in just a few months. He have found a house!!!! You don't even understand my joy. I have been living in some "FUN" places since I have been married and I am ready for a fun one that fits us all and has a back yard!
Lets start my marriage life living story!

I didn't have a picture but this sums it up we lived in Thatcher AZ in a small trailer with green shag carpet and orange couches SO CUTE!

This is really the 3rd place Because we moved to grants NM before this, but this is our condo in Albuquerque we lived there for just about 8 months or so I think!

then off to Mississippi where we lived for about a year in that very motor home Ty is driving!!

Then back to grants where we stayed for a few months and lived in I think Kory's rental or Mom and dad cash's I don't remember.

I can't not find my Gallup Pitures but any we lived in Gallup for another little while, which was very different and interesting.

then here back in Thatcher where I loved this house. Not because I really liked it or anything and would want to build a house just like it, but for the fact that it was a house and I had room to breath and move and scream and stomp our feet.

Then to Provo UT. In this little apartment it wasn't bad it was furnished and a good transition place but only stayed there for 2 or 3 months

And Now here in Bluffdale UT. I really like it here it is nice I mean the area and where we live but my family is ready for space and a back yard. I hate always telling my kids don't run or jump or be too loud because the neighbors will hear you. So in two more months we are moving to our new house FINALLY!!

Just so you all know I have loved every place I have lived. Even though we didn't live in pretty homes or even pretty area's I have met so many good people that I still call friends. I am so glad that I have been able and brave enough to go and see new places. I have lives in Mesa AZ all my growing up life in the same house and everything, which I love and am glad that they still live there. Because I still feel like I am home every time I walk in the door. But I am glad also that I have gotten to see the other side too... of meeting new people seeing and living in to carzy places, I just wanted to share my living life with you all!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Vaseline Works Wonders

Well Piper is my lovely snooper. She is just like her Dad, just a pre-sorry to anyone that we visit and Tyler asks to use the bathroom he will look in your cupboards. I know I think it is so rude and embarrassing more for me then him. But anyways I was just doin my mom things and hadn't seen Pip's in awhile so I go looking. And voola there she is with all of the diaper rash cream and Vaseline that was in a nice closed tub on the bathroom floor. She loves to put lotion all over her. So with no surprise the Vaseline is all over her. I thought it was kinda cute not that big of a mess and just in her hair. Easy right?

She got the whole jar on top of her head

Then into the bath you know for a quick clean up


Flippin 40 washes latter and it still looks like this. Please tell what to use to get this Vase out of her hair!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I am having one of thous beautiful days where you just look at your family and just love them to pieces. Even though you wanna scream and run out the door and drive to nowhere land and be by yourself with maybe a nice big bath tube and a movies, or a book with nothing but silence in the back ground and knowing you have nowhere to be and no one waiting for you to get out or waiting to get in. But today is loving being a mom just being able to stay home and listen to my kids play and say the funniest things and be able to see them walk for the first time or make that funny face. I am just so blessed to be able be a stay at home mother and have a wonderful husband that provides that for me.

Thanks mom for the apron...I am pretty sure I wear it every day.

For this amazing BOY!!! He is so funny and can always make me laugh. I always tell him "Just because I am laughing doesn't mean I am not still mad at you!" He is such a good dad and a sweet husband. He is so sensitive and wants everyone to reach out to on another and wants them to know how much he cares about them. He is a blast to be married to. I think with everything in life you have to know the downs so can know the ups. And i can say there has been lots of both and it is wonderful to know that if there is a down I know a BIG up comes right after.

For this funny Princess that is so sassy it kills me. She is so cute and tells me about a thousand times a day "Mom guess what....I love you" and "Mom I think I am thirsty, or I think I deserve to eat something, or I think I wanna watch a movie" Some parents have a problem with there kids changing their clothes 9 times a day, I have to put the same outfit on her 9 times a day. She LOVES to be naked. The second we walk in the door all her clothes come off. And her body is so cute I love it.

For this little squirt that is so sweet and quit, but deadly. She loves to look in every cupboard about a million times a day. She loves the toilet and puts fun little toys down it that I have to get out one way or another. She is so sweet and loves to be held and lay on you, she loves everyone and will be your best friend right away.

I am thankful for this little boy that is so good and in is always happy and is an angle. His smile makes me so happy and I love being with just me and him sometimes, it's so fun to just lay on the ground and have him crawl all over me.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mack is 1!

I know it has been a long time but i haven't had a camera and I hate posting with out pictures, how boring!!! Well Mack is one and I can't believe it he is so big and still is not walking, which I really don't mind. We didn't do anything big I just made cup cakes for the kids and let them dig in I didn't even rap him a present he needed clothes so bad so that is what he got the week before. I don't think he cares much. But than means next year has to be a little better. I have just not been up to being he domestic goddess that i usually am. Ha ha ha, we all know that is a joke. But as of right now I have a 3 yr old a 1 yr old and a 1 yr old. It is crazy for me to think about that. But they are fun and I am just praying I an make it until they go to school then maybe I can have a life too. But we will yes probably not!!