Friday, August 21, 2009

I Hope you are getting sick of This!!

Well I know that I have just been doing up dates on how my house is coming but really I feel like that's all I have been doing. OK well except for when Ty's whole family came so see us (well maybe Kendal too). I had so much fun hang in with my sis in laws. I really am glad that I have such fun sister in laws. Then I got to go to New Mexico for a week where Mom Cash helped me make curtains. I asked her if she hated it that i just use her for her sewing talents, I guess she doesn't hate it too bad because she still does it.
Well I got my room done (Almost just the curtain rod in the bay window). I love it, not too much and very simple which I like and Ty made that cute bed for me, what a great guy he is. HAHAHAHAHA...just a side note I can hear Ty asking the babies (Piper and Mack) "who dumped the water out of the bath?", I just love when he gets to handle the dumb little things, which I tell him I am going crazy and he just tells me "Ali it's not a big deal, it's just water, why get frustrated". It is just water, and it was just fruit loops all over the kitchen this morning, and it's just screaming and fighting and saying MOM every 2sec. of my life, but really I shouldn't get frustrated after all it is just things that can be cleaned or fixed. But come on remember when your mom would freak out and you look back and laugh at how they get mad or the dumb things they would say in anger, Like sometimes when I get mad I scream "HOLY G-STRING" why? you ask, I don't know things just come out of me when I lest expect it.
Paige's room was not too much work but I did just get done with her curtains to I guess it is complete as well.