Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Happy Birthdat Kuli I hope your day is so wonderful and your Todd treats you good, you are such a great sister in law and I love your guts. We have so much fun together and I can't wait to having another girls night with ya, I think the whole time we laugh. But anyways, you rock kuli and I am so glad that I am in a family with you, you are such a big example to me and I love ya so much. HAVE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM THE TYLER CASH FAMILY.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Best Friends!

Paige has these friends that are so cute they love each other. She always wants to play with Ellie and Brooklyn and be with them all day long and cry's every time we have to leave. It's also way nice cause their mom Melanie and I are like best friends as well I love hanging out with her she is so fun and we laugh the whole time and almost do everything the same I need to get a picture of us on my camera, she has them all. But It is so funny I really don't have too many friends that I am close to that are my age all of them are 30 and up, maybe because all the people my age don't have kids and are going to school but we love our friends and it's funny how much age doesn't matter. And there are pictures of Piper and Mack and what they would look like with hair and Paige and I with Paige's cute bangs she cute that I had to fix and I cut all my hair off it feels so good to not have all that hair.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

your request is my command.

K so my computer is being dumb so I will explain the pic's the one with Tyler pushing, paige he was so sick of me taking pitures and telling him to look, he finally gave me a good picture looking like he was having a blast, then there is one with paige and piper on the couch, they loved these chairs and always want's to sit on them on the couch, and they look so cute all white trash like I think it is so funny. Then two of Mack one was awhile ago at the park and the one with him under the table is very resent, he is getting so big crawling everywhere and sitting up so good. He is such a happy baby and so easy, I am glad he is easy since my girls are getting more exciting and getting unto about everything, lets just say I made Tyler put locks on all the doors so I don't have to worry as much about all my things destroyed or missing or flushed. But like our Prophet says this time will pass so I guess enjoy this blessed time I have with them and being a big part of their lives. Even thought I could lock myself in my closet for days I love these stinkers and the joy they bring in my life I would never trade them in (Maybe just send them to obedience school) but life is good when you have family, that's whats it's all about, right? So just a little shout out to my fam and how much I love them and all the things they do for us Rogers crew you guys are amazing and have always been good examples to me and I miss you all so much and your kids I can't wait to see them. And The Crazy Cash's you all rock we love seeing you all and have so much fun with you we can't to see you guys too and love ya tons.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

O So Fun.

K so that last post I didn't mean to post I wrote this whole thing and then it wouldn't post and so that is what the out come was. But things are good and we moved from Provo to Bluff dale and no one that lived here thought it would be a great idea to leave their internet unlocked so we couldn't steal it anymore, what flippin jerks you know. But really nothing is really going on today I am just doing long over due laundry over like 3 weeks because we don't have a washer and dryer (because most of our stuff is still in AZ) but my fabulous neighbors upstairs let me use theirs so that totally rocks my world. But nothing really is going on we have been pretty boring. Paige has hit a stage that keeps me on my toes and shows me how much I have to work on my patience, and Piper has been really funny throwing fits and always wants to be held, and Big Mack is crawling everywhere I can't believe he is that old. But things have been really simple. Well I lost my camera so I have no new pics so I will post some random old ones, so if anyone wants to donate a camera I would love that I hate not having one it stinks, I guess it's a good Christmas gift so maybe I will just wait. Well anyway that's all today and I will update something fun soon.

This is Paige in Kamrons swim suit she looked so funny and cute