Tuesday, August 5, 2008

More Pic's of Mississippi!

This is a store that was across the street with some dang good food. Like fried chicken stick with pickles chicken potato's and all sort of weird stuff. And you know whats sad i remember talking to Tyler about the gas and wondering if was going to go down (it says 2.10).
I didn't really mean to put this picture on here but it is us walking to uncle Lynn's house after they moved.
Again I just really wanted to show how white trash we lived. This is the back yard and the funny thing is you couldn't see the other 2 trailers behind the house.
OK again I didn't mean to put this on here but this is actually a video of when our car died and the boys had to push it on to the trailer it was pretty funny the car almost fell off the side, I couldn't stop laughing.
This is what Tyler's job was he built these stairs and ramps to the trailers and it reminded me of all the stories of when they would have to disconnect a trailer they would have to cut the pluming off. And sometime there would still be crap in the pipes and it would come out when they cut it. They have some pretty funny stories that involve poop.
This is a year after the hurricane and it still looked like it just hit. Crazy how long it has been and how the place is still thrashed. Do you think it because it's such a poor state or something? I don't know but New Orleans is a pretty trashy place I could never live there, OK lets be honest with my track record of moving I may live there next year.


The Cash Family said...

i love that you are blogging about your white trash life!! fun times. and yes purvis is not a good name! when are we going to see you guys?? can you believe kymber is going to be 1 tomorrow!!! oh and are you going to stay with us or your momma for the hair show?? call me at home, i lost my cell phone!

Brown Sugar said...

Please continue this series of photos and description of life in mississippi, because I am fascinated.

Debbie Foster said...

he alison.. how are you chicky... u crack me up... i so miss u... i tried calling u a few times after we had dinner and ur number was disconnected... anyways... u should give me a call sometime... i miss u chicky... let me know when u will be her in az....xoxoxoxo

Stacy said...

Ali! Holy crap you have three kids! I found your blog off of Rosemary's! Your kids are so cute! It looks like you're loving life! Glad I found your blog! Email me if you want an invite to mine, I put it on private a while ago. economicgeek@hotmail.com
Stacy (Mickelson) Riggs

The Cash Crew said...

White trash indeed! For sure the funnest white trash people i know though:) Yes a VAMPIRE! you should totally read them. Who cares if it consumes your life. It will only last for a little while. Anyways, hope all is well in Utah. Come see us sometime!