Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Well It's been a YEAR!!!!

Ok I thought that with it being about a year now....I should maybe post again...if even anyone looks at these things anymore, they are soooo last season. But really I do like them and still look at everyones and I do like to have at lest one source of journaling of the Cash's. So here's is what has happen the past year.

In Utah we Hit up the Children's museum.. Which the kids loved, it is always fun to see them explore and figure things out themselves and watch their imaginations in action.

Paige started school in Utah and LOVED IT!!!!! Her teacher was Mrs. Graham, and Paige would always call her Mrs. Grahams (like her Grams Cash) I would be a mom helper once a month and I loved getting to know her class and how cute they all are. So with all that said we were pretty sad to leave and move to AZ. She went from half day in Utah to all day In AZ so that was a change. Her new Teacher is Ms. Wretschko. Sad to say, she doesn't boast about her like she did with Mrs. Graham but I guess you move on to knew teachers every year anyways. But she is doing really good and has made a lot of friends and loves having a swimming pool in our back yard.

Piper and Mack.... They are just a handful. I always get asked if they are twins, they for real love and tease each other all day. It's so funny to watch them. Mack just turned 3 and Piper 4. I don't think I have any pic's of Macks B-day on my computer so sorry Mack.

As for Ty and I. We are still awesome and the envy of most.....
Ty was a pervert for awhile.

And now is in "Tan Top Heaven"

As for me... I have gone blond for the summer and am loving the AZ sun and heat. We miss Utah and all our friends. Ty has decided to stick with storms for awhile and I'm pretty excited about that too. We are planning on blessing Knoxville TN. with our presences in a couple of months. It has been a lot time since we were in the south so I can't wait to experiencing it again.

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Jonny and Brittany said...

Hey Ali, Your kiddos are adorable!:) Glad things are going well!