Saturday, March 6, 2010

Marker D

Well as of right now i have a 4 yr old and two 2 yr olds. Mackers turned two on...welll that was hard to determine this year. I couldn't remember if he was born on the 25 of Jan. or the 26. So after thinking i forgot his birthday (which was OK because we were going to do the celebrating on Friday anyways) then i was informed my both mothers mine and ty's that it wasn't until the 26 so i still had a day to redeem myself as a mother. Well i think that is still up for debate. But we had ice cream cake and went to the movies with some friends of ours. We got him a scoot bike. It is a bike with no pedals so they scoot themselves along and get use the the balance of a bike then skip the whole training wheel stage. Well thats what is says it does but he does look so cute on his new little bike.


Seth and Kamron Carlsen said...

He is so stinkin big. He looks adorable on that bike. I can't believe he is that old. I was there when he was born and stuff so it makes it so special to see him growing up. I helped raise him. OK not really but it sounded good. But i do love him and the kids. I am going to end this before it gets more corny. Can't wait to see you guys.

Seth and Kamron Carlsen said...

And another thing. I think you should grow his hair out. It looks to short. Just cause i know you wanted my opinion.

k-n-jarnett said...

is his new nickname Marker D? I love the picture with Pipes doing the blowing out motion along with Mackers. She is just like her momma!! Happy birthday to Macker D he does look quite old on that bike and so dang cute.