Saturday, July 12, 2008


I am sorry but that was the cutest thing ever. She had her Ballerina suit on backwards.

Hayley and Paige at the Zoo with some kind of monkey
She really didn't like the ride I ended up holding her the whole time, what a sissy And of course Paige had the time of her life

So things have been going pretty good in Utah so far. We have been keeping busy, so for the forth we went with some friends to a condo at East Canyon Resort and stayed for a few days and then the kids and I stayed in Layton with friends for the week (Why come home when there is no one waiting for us?) Then on Saturday we went to the Zoo with some new friends John and Jen and their cute girls, it was a lot of fun and Paige loved it and told me about all the animals on the whole way home. But let's just say I have a lot of respect for single moms. CRAP!! This is not as easy as I thought it would be. Like today I had to go to the grocery store for formula and it literately took me 1 hour and 30 min. and while in the store with no doubt Paige has to go to the bathroom and I have two baskets, one with groceries and one with kids, so I tell Paige can you please hold it until we get home. So I try to hurry and buy and load the car with groceries and kids and on the way home Paige pees in her car seat. And we live in a apartment and so I have to go take the kids to the apartment then lock them in while I go get groceries then unlock the house drop them off then do it again. So to sum it all up I am done being a mom, so now I live in Africa where everyone thinks I am a god and pampers me all day so if you want to get a hold of me sorry your out of luck.


sisterk said...

I love the pic of Paigy poops and her sweet cheeks hanging out. You should have come down with Tyler and hung out with the fam for a few weeks. Nollie would have loved it. Miss you! K

Mikelle said...

That pic is great! Haha...Sorry you've had a hard time...I know I would have a hard time with just my two! Hang in there.

Becky said...

That pictureis hilarious. So cute, I love bum pictures.

Paradise Hills said...
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Cash Crew said...

Africa huh!?! Why didn't you invite me punk...I could definitely use a break from the kiddo's:)

Mom said...

I'm glad that I'm back to have access to those cute pictures of my "dollies".....I sure miss them