Thursday, July 3, 2008


Kamron being so sad when we left, I really will miss her a lot, she is so fun and we got so close and to top it all off she loves my kids and would just come over to see them, or maybe just to tan.
I know I look totally sick and Tyler is so into the picture taking can you tell. O by the way he shaved his head bald not so cute I say.
I loved our house It was perfect for our family and in the perfect location, but there is like 7 billion homes in the world so there has to be another perfect home some where.
Paige at the aquarium, she loved it and I had to put ribbon around her wait and then tied it to my wrist, I know sick just like a dog but I am all by myself with 3 kids and I can't run after her if she runs away. But so sad she tried to run and forgot about the ribbon and pulled her right back and landed on her bottom.

NSYNC couldn't have said it any better, so yes we said bye to Thatcher last week. Packed our crap up and made like a banana and split. And off to Utah we went at around 3pm, and the amazing people that we are we wanted to drive the whole way with out stopping (very, very,very bad idea!). We were only on the road for about 2 hours and Piper through up, so we had to stop take her clothes off clean the car seat the best we could and moved on. An hour goes buy and what the heck is that smell? Piper, pooped her pants all over (Thankfully I put a towel down on her seat because it was all wet from me washing it). We took her out again through away the towel and changed her again. So all was going so smooth until we hit around 2:00am, we were dead and we only had 3 more hours to go. Well really thats a lot but when you are dieing of sleep and my legs hurting cause we had so much stuff, and that means under my feet too, that I got to sit indain style (can we call it that anymore) the whole way. We just didnt' want to stop unload the kids that were sleeping just to wake them up and to only sleep a few hours before the kids got up. So still driving and we thought "energy drinks" everybody's doin it so why not. The WORST idea known to man, it was like a hang over without alcohol (Like I know what it would be like with alcohol!, I swear! you all are judger's) we were so sick. So anyways we got here at 5:30am and things are now good, Tyler had to go back to thatcher to finish his house and I get to stay here for 3 weeks by myself. You know it has been okay (better then I thought you know crying, hating life) I try to do activities every day like we went to the park and then to the aquarium and next the zoo, so we are loving it so far but still can't wait for Tyler to get back. But we miss thatcher, Kamron, Namie, Chad, Chadley and Meg's, and being close to family. I really am happy anywhere, I am just one of thous kinds of people that just is happy all the time and life is beautiful every day and it's perfect, my kids listen to me, my husband spoils me, and so on. So sorry to all thous that envy me.


Brown Sugar said...

did you move to Utah? I am so confused.

Haymore Family said...

what the heck! i can't beleive you left thatcher! don't you just love that awesome town!? ahaha im so sad! not that i saw you a lot but i at least got my ali feel every now and then! bummer! well good luck in utah, i hear that place is lame! jk love ya

Becky said...

Wait! You're moving? Why? What are you doing in Utah?

The Fish Family said...

I missed you at the fireworks. It was so awesome to sit next to the Roger's family again. I LOVE your family. Kandace is too cute and her kids have gotten so big. I hope that Utah is good to you and I will check in on ya later!

ashley kelepolo said...

You moved to Utah?! What are you guys doing there?...I love your blogs!