Monday, June 9, 2008


My ABC's
A♥ AGE:: 23
B♥ BIRTHDAY:: April 29, 1984
C♥ CANDY OR CAKE:: Cake with some real good Ice Cream
D♥ DESSERT YOU LOVE:: Anything that involves ice cream and cookies
E♥ EASIEST PERSON TO TALK TO:: Tyler, cause I can vent about anything and he just listens, at least he acts like he is
F♥ FAVORITE SONG: Anything by weezer or Damin Rice
G♥ GOLD OR SILVER:: Silver, I love gold on others but when I put it on, not so much
H♥ HABIT:: My sister says I say “wachima call it” way too much
I♥ INSTRUMENTS YOU PLAY:: I took piano lessons from talented Becky so I guess the piano
J♥ JOB TITLE:: Mom and a Wife and all the little things that are in small print (I really should have read it before I signed)

K♥ KIDS:: # Paige 3, Piper 1, Mack 4 months, and I guess Tyler 24
L© LOVE OR LUST:: I would say Love with a side order of Lust
M♥ MARRIED ,SINGLE OR TAKEN:: Married to the best man you will ever met
N♥ NEXT TO YOU:: Sewing Machine, Mom cash helped me sew some stuff while she was here, you ROCK mom cash
O♥ ONE WISH:: That we had enough money that we never had to talk about finances and I could spend what I want.
P♥ PERSON YOU CALLED LAST:: Tyler, “What are you doing? Working? Cool! Well see ya latter.”
Q♥QUOTES:: Not really a quote but I say like 7 thousand times a day “Holly Hannah Montana”
R♥ REASONS TO SMILE:: My kids, Tyler, Myself (I really crake myself up, I think I am pretty funny)
S© STEAK OR PORK:: My Favorite, Steak and eggs
T♥ TURNS YOU ON:: Tyler thinks he does, but I am not going to lie, a clean house, all my kids sleeping, and supper sexy bath.
U♥ UNIQUE TALENT:: Talents are all I have, I can quote the whole movie of Madagascar, What? It’s a good movie.
V♥ VEGETABLE:: Love Veggie’s, to be honest there aren’t very many foods I don’t like.
W♥ WOKE UP AT WHAT TIME:: 5:30, Mama has to get a work out in sometime, and maybe throw in a good tan while I am up
♥ X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD:: I think my arm, I was too young I can’t remember
Y♥ YOUR FAVORITE COLOR:: Mustard, I love that color so cute
Z♥ ZODIAC SIGN:: Taurus, I guess that’s what it is asking

K I tag Cari, Kristi Jo, Rosemary


The Kersten Family said...

Hi Ali!

Hey-does Kandace have an email address? You can post it on my blog if she does.



Calli O. said...

Ali !!!! I am so happy you commented on my blog so i could find you! Dude you need to come to our adult dance class! It would be so fun to see you all the time. Well your kids are stinkin cute and it looks like your doing great! -Calli

The Watsons said...

Holy crap you tagged me. I've never been tagged before. Its kind of a lot of pressure.