Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Round 2!!!!!!

I thought that I would give taking family pictures one more try. But this time I brought Kamron with me so I wouldn't be so overwhelmed. I have just come to the conclusion that my kids just love to not look at me all at the same time. Paige is too wild, Piper wants Mack's bottle or Kamron to hold her or the camera, and Mack is too little and has to be held by Paige and again she it too wild. All in all I got some cute shots. We went to the duck ponds with only 2 ducks and Paige fed them while Piper just ate the bread. And Paige loves to run up and down hills so that's what she did for a while and danced. I am putting her in dance this summer she will love it. I told her about it once and she doesn't stop asking me if we can go dance. I can't believe how big she is getting, she is talking so much (like things I can understand) lately, she makes me laugh. The other day she did something to Piper like the usual; pushing, hitting, whatever. So I told her Paige go to your room and she told me K but don't spank my bum. And then she was mean again to Piper and I looked at her with the eyes and she said I'm going to my room. I couldn't help but laugh, how can I get mad at that, she is just too cute. Girls are just too funny. Drama, singing, dancing, crying, screaming, attitude, mixed all into one little girl, you gotta love it


Kelly said...

Your kids are so cute, Allie! Congrats on having good genes!

Mom said...

Love those kids.....had a great time with you this week-end...just makes me want more.
Tell Paigee, I'm sorry for the "hurt".....give Sweet Piper a hug and squeeze those Mack cheeks!!!


The Cash Crew said...

Mack is getting so big. He's absolutley adorable! So that's why I pay someone to take pictures cause the kids don't cooperate for me! Props for trying though:)

Rebekah May Parker said...

YOu busy busy Mom! Such cute kids too. I always knew you would reproduce well.

His name is Spencer and we have been dating 3 months. He is super cute and we have a lot of fun together. He is from ARkansas (I know kind of crazy) and is majoring in Biology and we both graduate next April. We have talked about getting married and if all works out, we are thinking Christmas. So we will see!

The Cash Family said...

fun times. when i was reading it, i felt like i was there and i couldn't help but chuckle. mack is looking so different to me!

Whitney & Michael said...

you sexy thing and your kids are adorable! megan and i came by your house a few weekends ago but you were out of town! so good to see what you have been up to. its been awhile! glad i found your blog!!!

Jade said...

your kiddos are beyond cute!! how is it with 3 now?? getting used to it? hope all is well!